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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning for Phoenix and Surrounding Cities

Cleaner tile for a cleaner home

Dirty tile can make your entire home seem dirty. This is especially true in the Phoenix area, where it’s common to have large areas of tile in your main living spaces. We hear from many homeowners that want to make sure their tile is being properly cleaned.

Frequent mopping and spot treatments will help maintain an everyday level of clean, but it’s important to have your tile professionally cleaned on a regular basis as well. 


Dedicated Surface Solutions provides professional tile and grout cleaning services to the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our professional-grade materials and prestige equipment will help restore your tile to its original beauty. 


Here’s a look at what you can expect from DSS tile cleaning services.


Grout cleaning

One of the biggest complaints tile owners have is dirty grout. Keeping your grout clean is a tough job, especially if you’re trying to clean a large area with a spot cleaner and a toothbrush. At Dedicated Surface Solutions, we use a cleaning solution that is tough on dirt, but doesn’t contain harsh acids. Combined with our professional scrubbing tools, this solution is effective at breaking up grime in your grout, restoring its color and improving the overall appearance of your tile (and your home).


Fast and thorough tile cleaning

You can spend hours mopping your tile floor...or you can call DSS and have it done more quickly and more effectively. With professional tools and materials, we leave your tile looking and feeling its best. We use cleaning materials without harsh acids, so your tile doesn’t get damaged during the cleaning process. Finally, our state-of-the-art truckmount will suck up all the water and soil after our cleaning, leaving your floors dry and sparkling clean.


Hygienic cleaning

Dirt and grime can get ground into your tile and grout, creating a dirty environment that requires a deep clean to get rid of. Many at-home mopping products simply push the dirt around. With a professional clean, you can be confident that your tile is getting more than a surface-level treatment. Many of our customers are surprised at the dramatic difference truly clean tile can make.


Optional sealing available

For an additional charge, we can also seal your grout. Unsealed grout is more likely to soak up water and bacteria, and is more prone to staining. A professional seal on your grout can help protect it from these things so it looks cleaner, longer. Sealing can also help prolong the texture and overall life of your grout.


For cleaner tile floors and an overall cleaner home, nothing beats a professional tile cleaning. Call Dedicated Surface Solutions today at (480) 329-2442 or submit a request on our Contact page, and let us help restore your tile to create a cleaner, fresher living environment for you. 

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